It's a Miracle!

They say never work with children or animals - but they don't tell you how much fun it can be!

The last couple of weeks working with Benenden CE Primary has been awesome!

With 'you-know-what' putting a stop to the usual Nativity, I had the please of working with KS1 to film their reimagined Christmas story.

We've been on a farm, had wise men riding real horses, angles swinging from hay bales and lots of fun!

With my freelance work being a bit quieter this year, I volunteered my time to help them film and put their nativity film together. It has been a rewarding project for me as I've been able to learn some new skills during the process and also been joyful working with the staff and pupils to bring the Nativity story to life.

Although I can't share the real thing, here are a few clips from behind the scenes.